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Everybody yearns for it,
then find out.... how to get it?
Visit the workshop only once to know the royal highway to riches.

It is easy to grow rich!

As we live and grow as human beings; our capacity to know increases and so does our ambition. The dreams forever stay young. Everybody is after comforts, satisfaction and prosperity. The rich wants to grow more rich, the poor somehow wants to come out of poverty and become a moneyed man. The uneducated thinks of money, whereas the educated also keeps on harping 'money and only money'. Money brings maturity and rich experience. Your social status also depends on money. What exactly is the nature of money which imparts meaning to your life?

Even the eminent find it exhausting to crossover the mountains of day to day problems and inflation. The common man, much maligned as middle-class is at the Centre of our system. He too strives to progress. Money makes homes lose their homeliness, strains relationships to breaking point. Misunderstandings storm minds with strife. Man's life constantly revolves around Me and Mine. The common thread that runs through all these happens to be ''Money'' !

Is it really difficult to earn 'Money'?

Why only those who flaunt their riches, have money? What is their funda that leads them to ever progressive state? Can a poor middle class person earn a lot of money? Can he repay loans? Wherever he goes, money remains the major barrier. Even those with prodigious qualities remain unsatisfied. A lot many slog like donkeys. If you have decided to enter the web of money, then we intend to strike the dialogue with you. After tireless efforts of many days and studious research we are presenting this programme called 'money' in public interest. You will be treated with witty comments on investing and planning money, the coverage and 'source' of Money in the workshop. Enroll into the workshop with this brainstorming of money and it will make you think - "It is really easy to get rich!"

Once you get into Money workshop, you will come to know the technique of earning maximum money, and handling the planning, the shortcut keys. The ways of riches will be opened for you and you will also know how to carry and maintain a rich poise.

Who will benefit from 'Money' workshop?
Those fraught with monetary problems
Those reeling under pressure of loans
Those who keep on losing in whatever they undertake
Those who can not invest properly
Burgeoning expenses with negligible savings
Those to face losses in trading and business
Those who merely slog, but are not rewarded properly
Those with lots of money but do not know how to manage it

If such lost people participate in the workshop, they will find the right direction. They will experience rich golden moments.

Some topics in "Money" workshop

  • Mental ability

  • How to build confidence

  • How to alleviate fears

  • Relations with relatives

  • Controlling thoughts

  • The mystery of universe

  • How to decide on your mission

  • Time management

  • Financial planning

  • The law of attraction

  • Solution of problems

  • How to dream to become rich

  • Rules of money

  • The mantra of Money

  • How to overcome obstacles while earning money

  • Pendulum

  • Rules of getting rich

  • How to buy

  • Decentralization of power

  • Power of imagination

  • Concentration of money

Can you get Money in a day?

St. Kabir has said, Do today what you plan for tomorrow and do now what you want to do today. That is why we don't just impart information but also use audio and video media. First we try to convince about the importance of money in practical terms. Then we show the Royal way to earn money. This begets a lot of confidence in you. You are motivated to rise to your goals. You get the right direction to become rich. Those who have attended the "Money" workshop have given a grateful feedback thus : "The money workshop brought joy to life. Home became a happy home"

You can also become rich -

Everybody is free to become rich. All the problems of your life will be resolved by this "money" workshop. We are sure that you will certainly benefit if you fully employ the knowledge we give and work towards it.

What do we teach in this day long workshop ?

It is really difficult to allot a particular timeslot for a specific thing in this fast moving age. We are aware that Mantra of this age is to earn the maximum in minimum possible time. We encourage you to implement schemes which will help you attract money towards you rather than you getting attracted to money. This is explained with the help of audios and videos. We strongly believe that if you throw yourself fully and receive 'knowledge' at money workshop it will not only ease your life but will also realise your various wishes and desires by a variety of ways of money. Your train which had been trailing so far will gather full speed on the track of riches.

Think the fees are a bit high?

Despite inflation, are we not prompt in fulfilling our basic needs of bread and butter? Decorating your home is expensive, so is buying a house and so also is getting good education.

We blindly spend on entertainment and clothes. We care for our prestige and our social status and spend heavily and whereas here we are handing over the key to get rich for generations together. Use this as per our guidance and we are sure that you will exclaim, ''getting rich is really easy''.

How will the workshop 'Money' change my life?

All the chronic problems of your life will wither away. They will never come back to you again. The secret of Success of those who created a history of riches will be known to you. The positive feelings about money will realise your ideas in practice. By studying the importance of money in life, the enriching experience will lead you on the highway to riches. Rather than harping on the fact that poverty is a curse, considering the riches as blessing will transform your entire life. Your personality will bask in divine light. And you will always keep on chanting, '' Life is beautiful''!

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