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Mr. Nimish Shah is conducting a free motivational Training for the Teachers. He more often conducts these types of training with the teachers. In this training he gives lectures on How to train the students, How to teach them, How to deal with them about all this things, he guides the teachers.

In today’s generation students and teachers relationship is not friendly. Teachers are just coming teaching & going. Students are also not very obedient in today’s time. Between Students & teachers big wall is created. Now a day in education system also huge changes are taking place, because of that students are facing many problems.

To bring students and teachers closer we are conducting this motivational training. This programme is free of cost. We are doing this at free of cost. We are doing this to improve the relations of teachers & students because that the students will become more open, intelligent they will share their innovative ideas that will improve our new generation, Today’s students are the future of our country. This is the main aim of our academy. In that way we’ll also be a part in progressing our country.

To dealing with all this things, we are conducting this training in colleges.


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