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Welcome to all of you.


 “Waytorichness” Mr. Nimish  will go to teach us how to become rich and how much money is important in human beings life. Friends, today you all are here to become rich and becoming rich is the fundamental right of every person. “Waytorichness” this seminar is for you Mr. Nimish  from the social point of view he arranged this seminar “Waytorichness” this seminar is for every class of people. In Maharashtra every town he organized this seminar “Waytorichness”.

Rekhi, Horoscope, astrology, acting, face reading, Art of living, American land forum, yoga like many more interesting things studied and got the knowledge and spreads this knowledge in the society through his seminars. Every person should be rich in our country this is the aim of Mr.Nimish . To fulfill his desire he established this seminar“Waytorichness”. I am rich this feeling comes while attending this seminar. He attended lectures like law of attraction, Mind power, business, laxmiprapti, rich life, chanakya nithi, emotional freedom, Sanskrit, smart thinking like many things he has studied. He also entered in spiritual side like Baba Ramdev, Sudhasuji Maharaja, Shri Ravi Shanker, Raja Yog, Murari Bapu, Baba swami, Siddha Yog, Dharmdas Maharaja all of they are the gurus and from them he learnt many things. He acquired many things and whatever the knowledge we got he thought of spread it to other. 

Since so many years Mr. Nimish is in the field share market . He deals in the business of share Market. He has expert knowledge in the field of share market. He has Coached more than 3000 students in Marathi, English & Guajarati. People of India should know more and more about share market he started a column in the newspaper. In loksatta every Monday a popular column publishes which is called “Market Mantra” by Mr. Nimish 

Some people always depressed with their life and some are always things of negative feeling for these type of people he has written a book called “Evade Karun Bagach” in Marathi in that book many things are written how to become successful in life, how to reach your goal about all these things are written in this book.

From many year Mr. Nimish conducting a motivational training in colleges. Youngest are the future of India, if they are well trained today they will turn as germs for the country. It is a social work for him and like that he works for the country. Every time he tries to do new things and studies new things.

He has expert knowledge about money, how we should use the money, what is the important role of money in human beings life, how can we save the money. By following his footstep a common man can become rich person.

Many generations have lost their whole lives running after the money but they did not successes in their goal, because their way was not correct. But Mr. Nimish with the help of his seminar“Waytorichness” he will guide the correct way in simple language. Which you will surly understand. In every house every person should be rich is the main objective of him.

While studying many literatures Mr. Nimish  was stuck with many questions about the money. Money is very important in our lives. Then he thought that everything in this world has institute for teaching or giving knowledge, but How to manage the Money and giving coaching about this are very less organisations are there. He thought about this and started researching about How to earn money? What are the rules of Money? If any rules are there then, what is that? How money will come to us? Like this many questions were there and he started searching answers for that questions.

From last few years Mr. Nimish  researching about the money, during this period he noticed that like our country is a democratic country like that people of our country should be financially democratic. If money will be there with every person they will be happy, that’s the reason why seminar called “Waytorichness” has been established. This seminar is for every class of people in the society. I am rich this feeling will be created in you by this seminar and becoming rich is you birthright. Becoming rich is very simple and feeling of become rich is very wonderful it will touch your heart.